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Gr and Lodg e of W ashingt on
                     Grand Lodge of Washington
                               Masonic Tribune
                             Masonic T       r ibune
                                  CIX N
                                           g 2017-18   I
                               ume X
                             Vol Volume XCII No.1 - Summer Issue - Page 3e -  Page 5
                                      .2 - S
                          ARE  YOU REALLY THE Mason  YOU
                          THINK YOU ARE - A Masonic SELF EX-
                               his year at Grand Lodge the membership      Once the meeting was over I asked MWB Ron
                               voted  to  adopt  the  Six  Supports  of  20/20   Yates  to  send  me  these  questions,  so  I  could
                          TVision. These guiding principles are: Mem-      insert  them  into  an  article  on  membership  ex-
                          bership  Experience,  Masonic  Education,  Lead-  perience. Now it’s your turn. Please take a few
                          ership  and  Management,  Beyond  the  Lodge,    minutes to reflect how you would answer these
                          Philanthropy, and Technology. My fall article for   seven  questions  but  do  not  send  me  your  re-
                          the Masonic Tribune asked the question, are we   sponses.  The  intent  of  this  article  is  for  each
                          as Masons doing enough to train future leaders   member of our great Fraternity to evaluate their
                          in  our  Masonic  Organization?  If  you  have  not   own Masonic experience. Ask yourself if your an-
                          read that article I would encourage you to do so   swers are what you thought, or did they surprise
                          after reading this current article which follows-up   you. Ask yourself what you can do to make your
              RIGHT WORSHIPFUL Brother
                                                                           Lodge better for yourself and your brother Ma-
                          by  addressing  an  additional  guiding  principal;
                                                                           sons. We have a membership retention problem
                          that of Membership Experience. On a scale of 1
                                                                           and it is up to each Mason and every Lodge to
                          to 10 with 1 being poor and 10 being excellent,
                                                                           fix the problem and that begins with a frank and
                          how would you rate your experience as a Mason
           ARDEN    Charles E. Wood  since being initiated into our Fraternity to date?   honest look at our personal membership experi-
                          When was the last time you did a self-evaluation
                                                                           In  closing,  I  fully  support  the  Six  Supports  of
                          of  your  Masonic  experience?  Has  your  experi-
                                                                           20/20 Vision that we all voted in favor of at Grand
                          ence been all you envisioned it would be?
                                                                           Lodge last year and leave each of you with this
                          I had not given this subject consideration until I
                                                                           question: Ask not what Masonry can do for you
                          attended the installation of Victoria/Columbia No.
                                                                           but what can you do for Masonry?
                          1 in Victoria earlier this month. After the installa-
                          tion was completed, MWB Ron Yates, the Most
                          Worshipful Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of
           SENIOR Grand W
                          British Columbia and Yukon, Ancient, Free and    Fraternally,
                          Accepted  Masons,  in  his  closing  remarks,  ask   RWB Charles Wood
                          those  present  to  suppose  the  following  ques-  Senior Grand Warden
                             1.  Suppose  your  Lodge  was  limited  to  25
                             Members; would you be in or out?
                             2. Suppose you had to run for membership,
                             as a candidate runs for office; would you win
                             or lose?

                             3.  Suppose  your  membership  term  was  for
                             only one year, and then you had to be re-elect-
                             ed depending on your service; would you be
                             4. Suppose you were called upon to tell why
                             you should be retained; would you have a re-
                             cord of service to aid in your defense?
                             5.  Suppose  every  member  did  as  you  were
                             doing; would your Lodge be the most active                                               Grand Lodge Office Staff
                             one around, or would it disappear into obscu-
                             6.  Suppose  you  were  charged  with  being  a
                             Mason,  would  there  be  enough  evidence  to
                             convict you?                                 From  Left:  MWB  Sam  Roberts  -  Grand  Secretary  ▪  Kathleen  Lau
                                                                          –  Grand  Lodge  Bookkeeper  ▪  VWB  Clinton  M.  Brown  – Assistant
                             7. Suppose a young man asked you all about   Grand Secretary ▪ Chantal Kuaea  – Event Registration & Planning
                                                                           ▪ Lynne Blaylock – Office Manager  ▪ RWB Donald J. Campbell –
                             FreeMasonry; could you answer him?           Assistant to the Grand Secretary

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