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Gr and Lodg e of W ashingt on                         demonstrating our good works.  It could be Bikes
                     Grand Lodge of Washington
                              Masonic T      r ibune                       for Books, adopting a stretch of road, having open
                               Masonic Tribune
                                      .2 - S
                                   CIX N
                              Vol Volume XCII No.1 - Summer Issue - Page 3e - Page 6  houses at the Lodge, or holiday dinners for those
                                           g 2017-18   I
                               ume X
                                                                           less fortunate.  Anything that brings Masonry out-
                          Where do we get new members?                     side the building and shows the public is a positive
                                                                           view of Masonry.
                                                                           As Individual Masons: Lastly, remember that when
                               here  are  basically  two  ways.    For  many   you are outside of the Lodge and you wear your
                               candidates, their fathers and Grandfathers   Masonic ring or have Masonic license plates on
                          Twere Masons.  The other source is people        your car, you are representing all of your brothers.
                          who have heard about Masonry and are curious     Your behavior must be such that it reflects well on
                          about what it is all about.                      our gentle Craft.  Similarly, when you engage in
                          Where  do  those  potential  candidates  get  infor-  social media you are showing the world the type
                          mation about Masonry?  We all know the answer,   of person who is a Mason.  Remember our closing
                          they get that information from the Internet.  There   charge.
                          is a lot of information about Masonry on the Web.    Remember at this altar you promised to befriend
                          For example, a recent search of the “truth about
                                                                           and  relieve  every  Brother  who  shall  need  your
                          FreeMasonry”  got  over  7,000,000  hits  and  the
                                                                           assistance.  You have been enjoined to remind a
              RIGHT WORSHIPFUL Brother
                          “secrets  of  FreeMasonry”  got  over  18,000,000
                                                                           Brother of his faults, to aid in his reformation, and
                          hits.  The problem is that when you look at the
                                                                           to  defend  his  character. These  generous  princi-
                          hits, you find out that we worship Satan and faked
                                                                           ples extent further, for every human being has a
           ARDEN    Christopher J.  Coffman  the  moon  landing.  My  favorite,  we  control  the   claim on your kind offices.
                          world’s governments and finances.  Wouldn’t that
                                                                           Do good unto all.
                          be  nice,  the  world  would  be  a  lot  better  place?
                          But, WE KNOW these stories are false.
                          The other source of information is the entertain-
                          ment industry.  While the portrayal in movies and
                                                                           RWB Chris J. Coffman
                          television  is  generally  false,  some  are  positive
                                                                           Junior Grand Warden
                          like National Treasure. But, most cast a negative
                          image of conspiracy and deception, such as As-
                          sassin’s Creed which claims Masons are trying to
           JUNIOR Grand W
                          bring evil back to the world.
                          What can we do?
                          Grand Lodge: At the Grand Lodge level we are
                          doing several things.  We have a website that is   SUDOKU SYMBOL PUZZLE
                          positive and accurate.  We have the Public Edu-
                          cation Program spots that are running on televi-
                          sion and radio.
                          Let’s face reality, Grand Lodge does not receive
                          petitions, Lodges do.  Grand Lodge cannot be ev-
                          erywhere in the state.  But your Lodges are there.
                          Also, the Grand Lodge encourages Lodges to go
                          outside the doors of the building and engage their
                          communities.  There are a few things Lodges can
                          do that will help.
                          Lodge Websites: Lodges need to have websites
                          that the public can easily access.  But do not for-
                          get, the worse thing any of us can do is to have
                          an inaccurate or out of date website.  If a potential
                          candidate looks at your Lodge’s website and finds
                          the  2005  officers  listed,  that  potential  candidate
                          will leave the site almost immediately.  The Grand
                          Lodge can help.  The Technology Committee can      Sudoku, but like Masonry symbols are sub-
                          help you set up a website, help you recover web-   stituted.  Complete the grid so that every row,
                          sites that have become out dated and other assis-  column and 3 X 3 box contains every symbols
                          tance.  Just ask.                                  shown below:
                          Lodges Engaging the Community:  Lodges need
                          to  engage  their  community.    There  is  no  better
                          way to counter the false conspiracy theories then
                                                                               (Solution is provided in page 8)  Table of Contents
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