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Gr and Lodg e of W ashingt on                         your  character? That  “...good  man  better.”  busi-
                     Grand Lodge of Washington
                             Masonic T       r ibune                       ness is all aimed at a man’s or Mason’s character.
                               Masonic Tribune
                                  CIX N
                                      .2 - S
                             Vol Volume XCII No.1 - Summer Issue - Page 3e - Page 7  All  the  rest,  the  dedication,  tolerance,  brotherly
                                           g 2017-18   I
                               ume X
                                                                           love, faith, hope and charity is just the exercise of
                          The 3 Legged Stool.                              these traits of character. Can your character with-
                                                                           stand self-examination?
                                                                           You  Fathers  and  Grandfathers  understood  the
                                 ore and more I hear of the problems and   balance of the three legs. Now it’s your turn. This
                                 issues  facing  Lodges  and  it  seems  that   is not the responsibility of the Master or Officers or
                         Mthe first solution is to merge or consolidate    anyone else.  It is YOURS.
                          with some other Lodge, which more than likely, is
                          in as much trouble as the first Lodge. We have not   MWB Sam Roberts
                          spent 300 years running away from our problems.    PGM, Grand Secretary
                          This avoiding the issue seems to be a relatively
                          recent phenomenon. And it is not restricted to just
                          There are 3 areas that make a Lodge success-
                          ful… or not. Like a 3 legged stool, they must be   Legislative Update: Progress in the
              RIGHT WORSHIPFUL Brother
                          equally strong and equivalent to each other in or-  2018 Legislative session
                 Sam Roberts  Finance,  Lodge  Members  and  ‘FreeMasonry’.   BLegislature will likely be drawing to a close,
                          der to support the seat (Lodge). They are Lodge
                                                                                rethren,  by  the  time  you  read  this  article,
                          Those Lodges that are failing will lay the blame
                                                                                the 2018 Session of our Washington State
                          on one or all of these ‘legs’. In the simplest terms,
                          let’s look into each of the Legs.
                                                                           but not without our notable involvement. Being an
                                                                           even-numbered year, this session is only 60 days
                          First, Lodge FINANCE.
                                                                           long, and the regular session will end in the first
                          The  problem  is  that  the  Lodge  does  not  have   week of March. This means that deadlines come
           Grand SECRETARY
                          enough money to sustain themselves. The solu-    quickly, and those who wish to address bills must
                          tion is income must equal or exceed expenses. If   act quickly.
                          the Lodge is dipping into savings or investments
                          (if they have any) and still coming up in the red at   And  our  committee  has  done  exactly  that.  We
                          the end of the year, they are on a downhill slide   found  two  bills  that  will  benefit  our  Veterans  if
                          that can only end with closed doors. If the Lodge   passed. HB 2522 would lower the requirements
                          is  closely  managing  their  expenses,  then  the   for a disabled veteran to be eligible for a Disabled
                          answer  is  “more  money”.  The  Brethren  will  talk   Veteran license plate from 100% to 75%, and HB
                          about  fund-raisers,  but  in  reality,  these  typically   2773  would  establish  a  veteran’s  service  officer
                          are short term and minimally effective. Three an-  in all counties of our state, lowering the traveling
                          swers: raise dues, assess the members or accept   burden of our veterans. As of this writing, both bills
                          increased risk for a better return on your invest-  are making progress in their houses of origin.
                          ments.  Uncomfortable  ideas?  Your  Fathers  and   This year, we again came to our State Capitol, for
                          Grandfathers  didn’t  think  so.  To  them  Masonry   our second annual FreeMason’s “Day on the Hill.”
                          was worth it.                                    This event occurred on January 29th, and lasted
                          Second, Lodge MEMBERS.                           all day. We visited the Legislators from our respec-
                                                                           tive Legislative Districts, and were again well re-
                          The problem is the number of members, the num-   ceived. For the Legislators in my own District, the
                          ber of ACTIVE members and the number of NEW      20th, our visits are now to the point where we are
                          members (Candidates or Plural). Whatever your    not only presenting our Legislators with informa-
                          current  membership  situation  is,  if  you  are  not   tion and updates, but also receiving updates and
                          bringing in new members at a rate that exceeds   suggestions from them. We can now take these
                          your loss by a substantial amount, you will slowly   suggestions  to  our  respective  Lodges  and  use
                          expire and close your doors. If the current mem-  them to our benefit. In addition to the visits, we
                          bership is not active in Lodge offices and activ-  also took a photo-op with Senator Maureen Walsh
                          ities, you have nothing to offer or induce a new   and Representative Dave Hayes, who sponsored
                          man but to join you in your demise. Ask yourself,   SB 5346 and HB 1194 respectively, both of which
                          “If you had to do it all over again, would you join   were drafted to establish the Gina Grant Bull Me-
                          this Lodge? Is your Lodge worth joining?”        morial  Legislative  Page  scholarship  program,  to
                          Third, FreeMasonry. Ritual is the vehicle that we   which we are now contributing $1,000 per year.
                          use to teach lessons in character. Ritual without   Members  of  the  Washington  Masonic  Charities
                          intent  is  just  words.  Poor  ritual  is  valueless  for   were  also  present,  as  they  are  also  donating
                          the Brethren and the Candidate. Our actions are   $1,000  per  year  to  this  program.  The  following
                          a mere reflection of our character. If you are ob-
                          stinate or quarrelsome, what does that say about     (Continued in page 10)    Table of Contents
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