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Grand Lodge of Washington
                     Gr and Lodg e of W ashingt on                       The Candidates Manual is made up of: Approach-
                              Masonic T      r ibune                     ing the Portals, The Entered Apprentice (Prepara-
                               Masonic Tribune
                                           g 2017-18   I
                                      .2 - S
                               ume X
                                   CIX N
                              Vol Volume XCII No.1 - Summer Issue - Page 3e - Page 8
                                                                         tion for the Degree, the 1st Degree, What to ex-
                                                                         pect  and Test  Questions), The  FellowCraft  (The
                      The Mason and Masonic Education                    2nd Degree and Test Questions), and The Mas-
                                                                         ter Mason (The 3rd Degree, Test Questions, and
                            onrad Hahn, a most distinguished Mason,      Suggested Titles, Authors and Sources for Further
                            once  observed,  “The  lack  of  educational
                      Cwork in the average Lodge is the principal        Also available through the Grand Lodge website is
                      reason for the lack of interest and the consequent   a Coach’s Manual, assembled to assist the newly
                      poor attendance in Masonry over which spokes-      assigned Coach in the exercise of his responsibil-
                      man have been wringing their hands for at least    ities. The manual includes answers to frequently
                      a century”.
                                                                         asked questions in regard to assisting the Candi-
                      This  quote  questions  the  importance  and  value   date in his studies.
                      of Masonic education within the Masonic Frater-    We owe our Brethren to provide them the highest
                      nity. Are our Lodges keeping our promise to our    quality experience possible, the better the quali-
                      candidates  by  “Make  Good  Men  Better”,  or  are   ty, the higher probability he will continue to seek
                      we “Raising” new Brothers and sending them out     Light in FreeMasonry and become a better man
                      into the world without the proper knowledge that is   because of it.
                      so greatly needed for their journey to be success-
                      ful? In addition to teaching the required ritual, we   WB Joseph McAlister, Member
                      should be providing education on the history and   Masonic Research and Education Committee.
                      symbolism of FreeMasonry.
                      Some Lodges augment the required posting Lec-
                      ture  with  an  additional  reading  assignment  and
                      possibly  a  written  paper,  all  of  these  add  to  the
                      Candidates overall experience and increases his
                      Masonic Knowledge. The Grand Lodge of Wash-
                      ington has established the “New Candidate Edu-
                      cation  Program”  to  assist  Lodges  in  transferring
                      some of this knowledge to its newest members.

                      Sec. 20.10 B.L. of the Washington Masonic Code,
                      Proficiency in the Degrees, states the following:

                      “The  candidate  may  be  offered  the  New  Candi-
                      date Education Program approved by the Grand
                      Lodge  in  place  of  the  Standard  Posting  Lecture
                      as proof of proficiency at the option of the Lodge.”
                                                                         SUDOKU SYMBOL PUZZLE (Solution)
                      “Regardless of which method of determining pro-
                      ficiency is selected, every candidate progressing
                      through the Degrees will be furnished a copy of
                      the  New  Candidate  Education  Program  by  his

                      The  objective  of  the  New  Candidate  Education
                      Program  is  to  create  good  Masons  and  Lodge
                      members by teaching them the basic philosophies
                      of  FreeMasonry,  educating  them  in  the  customs
                      and ceremonies of the Craft and by having them
                      develop a habit of attending Lodge, meeting his
                      Brothers,  and  generally  becoming  comfortable
                      with  the  organization.  Each  section  contains  a
                      quiz to test the Candidates knowledge of the in-
                      formation  provided,  checklists  to  ensure  that  all
                      requirements have been met, and feedback from
                      the Candidate pertaining to the degree he has just
                      received.                                                (Solution of puzzle from page 6)  Table of Contents
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