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                                                              Masonic Education and Mentoring:
     “Perilous Pride”, (A Masonic Poem)                       A Blueprint for Success
     The initiation rites of our beloved Craft,                     fter being raised to the sublime degree of a
     differ from ancient mystery schools,                           Master Mason, I suddenly realized I knew
     where a single mis-step, before or aft,                  Avery little about Masonry.  I discovered that
     spelled death for headstrong and fools.                  my  Masonic  education  did  not  end  withmyprofi-
                                                              ciency in the degrees, but is a continuous process
     In pyramid’s passages inky black,                        which  cannot  be  accomplished  without  the  help
     initiates perished, if they turned back,                 and guidance of mentors and the support of the
     from a gaping abyss, with no visible path,               Lodge.
     across a sea of fire and it’s murderous bath.
                                                              For a newly raised Brother, education and mento-
     But hazards as perilous, exist also for us,              ring is critical.  First, Brothers attend Lodge when
     who’ve become Master Masons, engendered with trust,      they enjoy Lodge.  If a Brother feels uncomfort-
     appointed or elected to office or post,                  able  about  Lodge  procedure,  etiquette  or  deco-
     expected to govern a group of the least, or the most.    rum then chances are his experience in Lodge will
                                                              not be enjoyable.  It is incumbent on us to mentor
     In Lodge we meet on the level, each man’s stature’s the same,  him so that he knows what to expect and what is
     for the purpose of unity, no prominence or fame.         expected,  making  his  Lodge  experience  a  posi-
     S‘why we don’t discuss politics or religion, they separate - divide,  tive experience and keeping him coming back to
     one Brother from another, intolerance abides.            Lodge.
                                                              Secondly, if we involve a Brother in some aspect
     The culprit, or villain, is well known to all,           of Lodge, he gets a sense of belonging and ac-
     he resides within all men, the ego - he’s called.        complishment,  and  learns  the  answers  to  many
     “I’m different”, “I’m better”, the cries of the lout.    questions he may have.  To keep a   new member
     Some say EGO’s an acronym for “Edging God Out”.          motivated,  perhaps  he  should  be  given  regular
                                                              assignment.   Appointing  him  to  a  committee  or
     He puffs up his chest, lots of “Me”, “Me”, “Me”, “I”!    giving him a small part in the Degree work give
     He no longer shares credit - just one piece to that pie!  shim a sense of purpose, educates him on how
     Is it low self esteem, maybe traumatic past,             and why things are done and keeps him involved
     That causes this ugliness, the pallor he’s cast?         in the Lodge.
                                                              Finally,  remember  that  a  new  Brother  may  one
     He didn’t start out that way, more often than not,       day be appointed or elected to a leadership po-
     he warped rather slowly, an insidious rot.               sition  within  the  Lodge.    By  encouraging  him  to
     His blessings he thinks, are things that he earned,      take an active role in the Lodge and to learn about
     No longer graces and mercy, the teachings he’d learned.  Masonry,  we  can  help  shape  the  leader  he  will
                                                              become.  This helps to ensure the health of the
     He’s simply lost from the path, have compassion for he,  Lodge and the future of Masonry as a whole.
     his head’s become swollen, his supporters now flee.
     Subtle whispers from Brothers in “most friendly manner”,  Mentoring  and  education  form  the  blueprint,
     are no longer tendered, beneath his officer’s banner.    whereby  new  Brethren  become  successful  and
                                                              contributing members in Lodge.  They are the su-
     Yes, the peril of office for enlightened man,            perstructure  upon  which  a  Lodge  is  erected.    It
     is to risk losing oneself, becoming one’s own greatest fan.     takes time, work and dedication on our part, but
     Take heed of these warnings, stay “right-sized” and know,  the  dividends  that  the  Lodge  and  Masonry  will
     “Ego’s not your amigo” - “As above - so below.”          reap from such an investment are worth the effort.

                               Roger Nelson                                            VWB Clint Brown
                               Grand Lodge Public Relations                            Assistant Grand Secretary

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