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Professional Development of QA Staff

Benchmarking workshop by OQNHE

Oman Quality Network in Higher Education (OQNHE) organised a workshop on                    Benchmarking
November 4, 2015. The workshop took place in the College of Financial Studies and
Banking and was attended by members of OQNHE, representatives from higher edu-              Benchmarking is the process of identi-
cation institutions and quality assurance staff. Mrs. Thuraiya Al Mamari, the head of       fying, understanding, and adapting out-
QA Department, and Mrs. Ameena Al Yaqoobi, quality assurance specialist, from the           standing practices from organizations
Quality Assurance Department at CAS Ibri attended the workshop as representatives           anywhere in the world to help your or-
of CAS Ibri.                                                                                ganization improve its performance.
The workshop focused on defining benchmarking and its importance as a tool to
improve the quality assurance in higher education institutions. Different models for
benchmarking were presented during the workshop and the participants were trained
on how to do benchmarking in their institutions.

Risk Management Workshop by QASPIR

Quality Assurance Strategic Planning Institutional Research (QASPIR Consulting) con-        Risk Management
ducted a workshop titled “Risk Management in Higher Education Institutions” which
took place in Crown Plaza Hotel, Muscat, Monday on November 23, 2015. The workshop          Risk : the combination of the likelihood
was attended by Mrs. Thuraiya Al Mamari, head of QA Department, and Mrs. Ameena             of something happening and the conse-
Al Yaqoobi, quality assurance specialist, from the Quality Assurance Department at CAS      quences of it happening.
Ibri. The workshop focused on Criterion 1.8: Risk Management of OAAA’s Standards            Risk Management: Coordinated activities
Assessment Manual which states that “the higher education institutions should have a        to direct and control an organization with
risk management system which supports the identification, assessment, treatment and         regard to risk –by identifying, analyzing,
monitoring of risk and enables the higher education institutions to address adverse events  evaluating and treating threat.
and situations which arise”. The workshop mainly aimed at helping the participants to
understand the concept of risk management, develop a skeleton risk management plan
and apply a risk management framework for institutional risks.

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