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Quality Assurance Department
                                               News and Events

                            MOHE Delegation Visit CAS Ibri

          A delegation from the Performance Evaluation in the ministry visited the college on October 10th, 2015. The visit aimed at following
          up the quality audit report of the college which was issued by the Oman Academic Accreditation Authority (OAAA) and following up
          the operational plans of CAS Ibri departments and centers. In addition, the challenges facing the quality assurance department and
          the students were discussed in the visit.
          The quality assurance department staff gave the team a presentation on the achievements of the department, the main challenges
          and the current progress in the operational plan. Then, the visiting team met the heads of academic and administrative departments
          and centers, representatives of the Student Advisory Council and representatives from the Design and IT departments and other
          representatives from the Foundation program.

                              Operational Plans Discussed

          The Quality Assurance department conducted a meeting on March 17th, 2016, to discuss the college departments’ operational plans.
          The meeting was attended by the assistant dean, heads of academic and academic support centers and quality assurance committee
          members. The meeting commenced with a brief summary of the components of the operational plan template. The summary was
          given by Mrs. Thuraiya Al Mamary; head of the Quality Assurance Department. In addition,main challenges in the reviewed operational
          plans were highlighted. Representatives from each center and department presented their operational plans while the audience
          discussed thoroughly and provided enriched feedback. It is worth mentioning that the operational plans of CAS Ibri departments
          and centers were discussed as a step prior their final approval by the college council.

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