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Quality Assurance Department
            News and Events

                  Benchmarking: a Workshop at CAS Ibri

The Quality Assurance Department at CAS-Ibri conducted a workshop on benchmarking titled “Benchmarking as a Tool for Quality
Improvement» on February 9th, 2016. The workshop was presented by Mrs. Thuraiya Al Mammary, head of QA Department.
Target audience were the assistant deans, heads of departments and QA committee team members. The workshop was conducted
in two stages; first the theoretical part which covered various topics including understanding the concepts, tools and techniques
of benchmarking, how to benchmark and choosing appropriate benchmarking models for certain benchmarking areas. Second, an
activity on how to benchmark.

    PACD Holds Lecture on Evacuation in Educational Institutions

Representatives from the Public Authority for Civil Defense and Ambulance-Al Dhahira Governorate delivered a lecture titled “Evac-
uation of Educational Institutions” on Tuesday ,February 23rd, 2016at CAS Ibri premises. The lecture was as an initial step to prepare
the college staff and students for a real evacuation practice which will take place during the current acedemic year.
The lecture covered various topics which included evacuation practice goals and objectives, distribution of roles and responsibilities
of personals, preparation for facing disasters and training staff on the use of different equipment used during the evacuation. The
audience were made familiar with the different types of fire extinguishers and their usage.

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