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Workshop                                                Workshop                                               Victorian Youth Week

                                                                                                                    7-15 Dec 2020 and beyond
     VISION FOR THE FUTURE:                                  CHRIS KENNETT:                               
     Vision Boards for Youth                                 Cartoons for Climate Change

     What is your vision for a more sustainable future?      Cartoons are a great way to make people stop and think - a fun
     What do you want your world to look like? What are      way to give an instant message and build up a culture of change.
     your personal goals? Skilled presenter Amanda Collins   Digital artist, animator and illustrator Chris Kennett will share tips,
     shows how to create a vision board to show your         tricks and skills on creating cartoons with impact that just might
     unconscious mind where you plan to go.                  make a difference!
     BYO magazines, scissors, glue and a large sheet of      As well as his own published books, Chris’ CV includes animation design
     paper or cardboard.                                     for TV, and character illustration for the Star Wars franchise.
     WED 6 JAN, 2-3PM                                        THU 14 JAN, 2-3PM
                            BOOK                                                     NOW

                                                                                                                         CLIMATE WISE

                                                                                                                                      Sustainable Savvy

                                                                          All events presented via ZOOM.                     Informative, inspiring and creative virtual events
                                                                          Session link emailed 1 hour prior to event.                for young people and the young at heart

                                                                     BOOK   BOOKINGS are essential.
   Illustrations by Maddy Lynch
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