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                                                    &T Preeminence 2020:       address workforce needs more
                                                    Embracing Our Past,        broadly in the state, region and
                                             A Creating Our Future has         country, in keeping with the academic
                                             positioned the university for long-  reorganization undertaken in the
                                             term success, and the refresh will   fall of 2016. That reorganization
                                             supplement and cement existing    positioned the university to increase
                                             gains. Fulfillment of the promise to   its competitiveness in the global
                                             uphold our land-grant legacy will   marketplace, meet the objectives of
                                             require a commitment to complete   A&T Preeminence 2020 and award
                                             the work that began in 2011. Realizing   more degrees that support careers of
                                             our vision of preeminence through   the future.
                                             collaboration, innovation and
                                             relentless execution increases our   The strategic plan refresh builds on
                                             ability to achieve lasting change.   that momentum, supplementing
                                                                               enrollment targets that have already
                                             In November 2017, we began work   distinguished A&T as the nation’s
                                             to revise A&T Preeminence 2020, to   largest historically black university
            Realizing our vision             gauge our momentum, refine our    with a strenthened focus on master’s
            through collaboration,           course within the highly competitive,   and doctoral programs and leveraging
                                             dynamic higher education industry,   the benefits of our focus on student
            innovation and relentless        and to incorporate goals and metrics   success. Those remarkable outcomes
            execution increases our          from Higher Expectations—the      already include an improved
                                             strategic plan for The University of   academic profile of our student body,
            ability to achieve lasting
                                             North Carolina System, 2017-2022.   enhanced university-wide retention
            change.                          The refresh process underscores   and graduation rates, historic growth
                                             an important, abiding truth about   in diversity and academic profiles
                                             this work: It truly is never complete   for our intercollegiate athletic teams
                                             but must always be in an ongoing   that match their stellar success in
                                             cycle of activity, measurement,   competitions.
                                             assessment and further planning.
                                             Done well, it enables a university to   In addition to our focus on academic
                                             responsibly embrace risk and benefit   climate, we understand the need
                                             from collective work toward higher   for continued and sustained work
                                             aspirations. This work parallels our   to create a culture of the future.
                                             efforts to grow and sustain a culture   Aligning the university community
                                             of academic excellence.           with a revised set of core values—
                                                                               responsibility, excellence, integrity,
                                             An important dimension of the     inclusiveness and learning—will help
                                             refreshed strategic plan is its   to ensure that our actions are guided
                                             emphasis on excellence in all     by deeply ingrained beliefs that
                                             disciplines to complement our     complement the university’s updated
                                             national distinction in STEM. This   vision.
                                             new alignment will enable us to

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