Page 7 - N.C. A&T Strategic Plan 2023
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An important dimension of the refreshed strategic plan is its emphasis of excellence in
            all disciplines to complement our national distinction in STEM.

            Enhancing our culture includes   Why is all of this so important?
            continued focus on recruiting and
            retaining highly qualified faculty,   Our aspirations are too valuable
            administrators and staff who will   to our many constituents in the
            enable us to experience even greater   Piedmont Triad region, the state of
            gains in retention, graduation and the   North Carolina and the nation to allow
            overall operation of the university.   our pursuit of them to be guided by
            It also includes elevating public   chance. A&T Preeminence: Keeping
            service, community engagement    the Momentum 2023 is a roadmap
            and entrepreneurship, expanding   of our collective intentions that will
            the reach of the university to meet   align our efforts with our vision for
            global needs. We understand that our   the future.
            ambitious plans cannot be realized
            without continued work to build our
            infrastructure and resource base.

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