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            PRODUCT LINE                FEATURES AND BENEFITS

                                  Frozen or pre-cooked microwaveable meat
                                  Increase yield and improve texture
         SeasonRite® Marinade (SRM)  Incorporate avor
                                  Clean label options available
                                  Phosphate-free options available

                                  Flavored marinade system specially designed for the
         SeasonRite® Marinade,    injection process
         Injectable (SRMI)        Better suspension of marinade
                                  No needle clogging
                                  Binding and water control
                                  Increase yield
         Actobind®                Neutral avored
                                  Clean label options available
                                  Phosphate-free options available

                                  Unique, avored dry rub systems designed for
         Seal ‘N Season Dry Glazes  cook-in-bag products. They utilize moisture from
                                  meat and convert to glaze during cooking
         Chef-Ready® & SeasonRite®  Specially designed topical seasonings to add avor
         Topical Seasonings       and enhance appearance

                                  Minimizes warmed-over and gamey avors of cooked
         Fresh ‘O Beef            beef products

                                  Flavored rub and  coating systems that improve
         SeasonRite® Rub          avor and water control

         Chef-Ready® & SeasonRite®  Refrigerator stable, ready-to-use liquid glazes that
         Liquid Marinade and Glazes  adds, both, color and avor
                                  Improve yield, texture, and succulence
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