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OSU student government sends divisive email

        BY DEBORAH MOON                                                                    ASOSU email.  “It  wasn’t  so
         On the afternoon  of Friday,   UO President condemns anti-Semitic hate            much our statement  as it  was
        May 28, Oregon State Univer-   Michael H. Schill, University of Oregon President and Pro-  built off of the responses from
        sity student government sent   fessor of Law, issued the following statement June 2, 2021:  students,” says Gitelson.
        a one-sided email  to all  OSU   Dear University of Oregon community,               “Many students are  extreme-
        students condemning Israel for   All too often over the past five years, I have written to the   ly hurt by this statement  and
        “war crimes in Gaza.”         campus community condemning violence and expressions   its inflammatory language that
         Within  an  hour,  dozens  of   of hatred targeted to particular groups. Today, I write not just   puts the blame entirely on Isra-
        OSU  students reached out to   as the president of the university, but also as a member of a   el,” wrote Gitelson in the Hillel
        Oregon Hillel for support.    group that is the object of hatred. Violence against the Jew-  email sent to all OSU students.
         “Our  focus  first  and  foremost   ish people has existed for centuries and in recent years has   “We  are deeply disappointed
        was with students – just hearing   accelerated with the growth of white supremacy. In the past   and surprised to see the leader-
        from those students,” says Andy   couple of weeks, fighting in the Middle East has unleashed a   ship of Associated Students of
        Gitelson, Executive Director   new wave of anti-Semitic sentiment – from hateful language   Oregon State University (ASO-
        of Oregon Hillel Foundation,   scrawled on walls to vicious acts of violence.      SU) issue a one-sided statement
        which  serves  students  at  the   The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is complex. Whatever your   on the complicated Israeli-Pal-
        University of Oregon and OSU.   views  about  this  ongoing  tragedy,  nothing  justifies  either   estinian  conflict,  furthering
         The  email  from  the  Associ-  verbal or physical attacks  against innocent  people based   divisiveness among students,”
        ated  Students  of Oregon  State   upon their  religion,  regardless  of whether  they  believe  in   wrote Gitelson.
        University, which was signed   Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity or some-  Hillel  also sent the email  to
        by four leaders, concluded: “To   thing else. We must stand up to hatred against people based   OSU’s Vice President of Equity
        our Palestinian community, we   on religion, race, national origin, gender and gender expres-  and Inclusion, the Dean of stu-
        see you, we support you and we   sion, or who they love.                           dents’ office and the staff advi-
        are here for you.”             Throughout history, we have learned that silence in the face   sors for the ASOSU. The Hillel
         Yet the email offered no sup-  of evil begets more evil. The end of bigotry and racism starts   email  was sent just before 5
        port  for  Jewish students  at  a   with each of us, individually, lifting our voices. Please join   pm, Friday, at the start of the
        time  when anti-Semitism  has   me in condemning the recent wave of anti-Semitic violence   long  Memorial  Day weekend.
        surged nationally.            and hatred. Our nation is better than this.          Though he had not heard from
         “We are part of the fabric of                                                     OSU leaders as of Friday, June
        the  campus  community,”  says    At press time, the UO student government         4, he says he expects to connect
        Gitelson. “Certainly we know   posted an anti-Israel statement on Instagram.       with them soon.
        that there are going to be differ-                                                  “Our hope is to continue to
        ent voices. Our goal is to ensure   mention of the role of Hamas.  people of Palestine.”  work with  the  administration
        that dialogue across difference   Instead it read:  “This is colo-  Late Friday afternoon, Oregon  at the university  and to build
        happens … there’s positive   nialism,  this  is ethnic  cleans-  Hillel sent an email drawing on  the relationships across dif-
        ways with which to do advoca-  ing, this is state-sanctioned vio-  the feedback  from the  dozens  ferent  cultural  centers  and
        cy and build community.”    lence, this is Zionism. We stand  of  students  who began  calling  groups just so that we can build
         The  ASOSU email  made  no   for liberation and justice for the  within minutes of receiving the   See OSU EMAIL on next page
        Jewish community celebrates Pride Month

         This year, the Portland Pride                                                     June 23, 7-8 pm (virtual event).
        Parade  was pre-recorded  at  a                                                    Rabbi Mark Sameth, author of
        private venue to keep the com-                                                     The  Name:  A History of the
        munity safe during the pandem-                                                     Dual-Gendered Hebrew Name
        ic. Pride Northwest will host a                                                    for God. Rabbi Sameth’s es-
        community viewing over Zoom                                                        says include “Our Father, Who
        at 11 am, June 20. Following the                                                   Art Our Mother” (Religion Dis-
        premiere showing, the Portland                                                     patches) and “Is God Transgen-
        Pride  Parade  will  be  available                                                 der?”  (Op-Ed,  The  New  York
        to watch on the Pride North-                                                       Times).  Register  at  members.
        west YouTube channel. For this                                           
        and other Portland Pride events,                                                   Talk-with-Mark-Sameth
        visit    Liza and Beth Milliner, Danit Rothstein and Rachel Nelson repre-  To support young adults,
         Neveh Shalom is hosting two   sented the Jewish community at the 2021 PrideNW parade with  OneTable re-launched its Pride
        Pride events:               Pride banners from  the  Jewish Federation of  Greater  Portland,  guide  (
         Pride  Kabbalat Shabbat    Portland Jewish Academy and Congregation Neveh Shalom.   shabbat/docs/pride_shabbat_
        Service  on the Plaza – Fri-                                                       guide_2021) in collaboration
        day, June 18, 6:15 pm, on the  Barbara Slader. No reservations  or Liza Milliner  lizam410@  with JQI (
        Holzman  Plaza.  Join Neveh  are necessary. To connect with            and in partnership with Lesbian
        Shalom for a Pride Kabbalat  the CNS Keshet LGBTQ+ com-  The Name:  A History of  Bar Project released a Lesbian
        Shabbat  service  led  by Rabbi  munity, contact Mel Berwin  the Dual-Gendered Hebrew  Shabbat guide  (
        Eve Posen and Guest Cantor  Name for God  – Wednesday,  lesbianbarproject2021)
        10 Jewish Review June 9, 2021
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