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BB Camp hires three staffers
                                                                With the reopening of summer camps, B’nai B’rith Camp has
                                                               hired three new staff members to further serve the community and
                                                               align with its strategic priorities. BB Camp offers overnight camp
                                                               on a lakeside campus on the Oregon coast, several day camps and
                                                               year-round youth, family and community engagement programs.
                                                                Ben Charlton returns to BB Camp as the chief program officer.
                                                                                He previously worked for BB Camp in sever-
                                                                                al positions including five years as overnight
                                                                                camp director. He moved to Maryland last
                                                                                year to be closer to his family and serve as
                                                                                the director of programming at Main Street
                                                                                Connect, working with adults with disabili-
        Cara Abrams with husband, Tony, and daughter, Ruth Micah.               ties.
        Eastside Jewish Commons                                                  Under the direction  of the CEO Michelle
        hires first executive director                                          Koplan,  Ben  will  build  a  vibrant  Jewish
                                                                                community  through program innovation,
         Eastside Jewish Commons has hired its first executive director.   development and implementation. Ben’s responsibilities include
        Cara Abrams will begin her new post to help build Jewish life on   implementing the agency’s strategic vision of program; oversee-
        Portland’s eastside on July 6, 2021.                   ing a portfolio of programs and related services; evaluating the
         Cara is a native Oregonian from Eugene who has been in Seattle   effectiveness of programs to provide ongoing feedback; helping to
        for the past five years. She describes herself as a “Jewish commu-  promote and diversify funding through new programs and philan-
        nal leader and educator working to build community that is inclu-  thropic support; and providing mentoring, guidance, supervision
        sive, innovative and intersectional.” She was director of education   and professional development to staff.
        with the Kavana Cooperative and co-chair and board member of   Ben received his undergraduate and graduate degrees in econom-
        Limmud Seattle, a global movement of 90+ grassroots and volun-  ics from the University at Buffalo and first joined the BB Camp
        teer-run learning festivals connected by mission and values.   community in 2013 as the Jewish education director. Ben and his
         “We are so honored to have the opportunity to work with Cara,”   fiancé, Sari, love spending time outdoors, enjoying regular hikes,
        says EJC Board Chair Mia Birk. “Her energy, experience and pas-  and walking on the beach with their dog, Roger.
        sion are a perfect fit for what we’re trying to accomplish: building,   Rikki Nouri  is BB Camp’s new  commu-
        expanding and deepening our diverse connections to Judaism.”   nity care and inclusion  director, who will
         Earlier  this month, EJC and Congregation  Shir Tikvah moved   provide  culturally  competent  mental-health
        into a shared 13,000-square-foot space at 2420 NE Sandy Blvd.   clinical and inclusion services to the diverse
        Shir Tikvah has begun having in-person services and educational   community of BB Camp.  Rikki will guide
        gatherings. And EJC is readying the space to host all-ages pro-  BB  Camp’s  inclusive  practices,  specifical-
        gramming presented by numerous organizations and synagogues   ly  overseeing  campers  and  staff  care  and
        – a goal Cara is ready to aid.                         well-being to the diverse community of BB
         “As a Jewish community builder, the pandemic has taught me   Camp. She has a Ph.D. from the Technion,
        many lessons about how and why we gather,” says Cara. “We all   Israel, in organizational psychology and a bachelor’s in psychol-
        seek to feel connected to something relevant and meaningful, and   ogy from the University of Haifa. She moved to the United States
        EJC is an amazing platform for meeting these needs – socially,   in 2015 for her post-doc at Penn State University. Rikki has taught
        intellectually and spiritually. I am inspired by the energy driving   organizational behavior courses at Portland State Business School.
        this venture into action and am thrilled to join the team!”   She is on the Greater PDX Hillel board of directors.
         For more information about EJC, visit      Rikki  loves using her vast experiences  working with at-risk
        Rabbi Barnett to chair Oregon Board of Rabbis          youth, people with disabilities and mental health diagnoses. In her
                                                               free time, Rikki enjoys Israeli folk dancing, mindfulness medita-
         Rabbi Benjamin Barnett will succeed Rabbi Eve Posen as chair  tion, yoga and jogging. She enjoys spending time with her husband
        of the Oregon Board of Rabbis July 1, 2021. The Oregon Board  and three kids.
        of Rabbis supports the rabbis of Oregon and Southwest Wash-  Nicole Danberg has a long history with BB Camp and is excited
        ington.  The board comprises rabbis who                                to  be  back  as  the  new  operations  coordina-
        are ordained from across the spectrum of                               tor. Nicole is responsible for assisting in the
        Jewish life and observance. OBR serves                                 management of effective and streamlined ad-
        to find common ground among colleagues                                 ministrative systems, information technology,
        from all movements in Judaism. It ad-                                  safety/security and human resources.
        dresses key social and ethical issues and                               Nicole was born and raised in Portland and
        represents the religious voice of Oregon’s                             spent many of her summers as a BB Camper.
        Jewish community.                                                      She graduated from Oregon State University in
         Rabbi Barnett serves as rabbi of Havurah                              2016 with a bachelor’s in psychology. In 2014,
        Shalom. In that role, he strives to listen deeply and accompany  she became a BB Camp counselor and then worked in several roles
        others in ways that support healing, growth and meaning in the  for the camp. Before joining BB Camp’s year-round staff, Nicole
        lives of individuals and in the community. As a teacher of Jewish  worked with people experiencing homelessness and severe mental
        meditation and contemplative prayer, he works to inform the pur-  illness at a nonprofit in Washington D.C. Most recently, she spent
        suit of justice with the wisdom and compassion born of spiritual  her time working on various political campaigns.
        practice. He is passionate about building multi-faith and multicul-  In her spare time, Nicole likes to go camping, attend concerts, say
        tural relationships.                                   hi to every dog she sees, and is always on the search for the world’s
         For more information, visit  BEST slice of pizza.
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