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                                                                                           Song of Miriam honors
              June 9, 2021 / Sivan 29, 5781   Volume 56, Issue 13                          volunteers – page 2

        Summit confronts hate against all                                                  Teen vaccines – page 3

                                    BY DEBORAH MOON            Rachel Nelson and JCRC Chair   Hillels move forward
                                                                                           to new normal – page 4
                                     The May 26 summit, “A Com-  Michelle  Bombet Minch col-
                                    munity Call to Confront Hate,”   laborated with a dozen orga-  Moishe House seeks
                                    arose out of the belief that   nizations to present a series of
                                    “Hate directed at any one of us   webinars on the history of big-  young adults – page 5
                                    is hate directed at all of us.”  otry in Oregon and then to look
                                     Bob Horenstein has voiced   to the future to confront hate   Scholarships are
                                    that sentiment many times   together.  The  summit  is  envi-  good for future – page 6
                                    over the past year as a diverse   sioned as a launch point for fur-
                                    coalition of partner organiza-  ther collaboration in that effort.  Vaccinated? Go mask
                                    tions came together to plan the   “A broken  civil  rights  move-
                                    summit, which was a half-day   ment  is the  biggest  gift  we   free at the J – page 8
                                    virtual program.  The summit   could hand the white national-
                                    drew nearly 1,000 registrants.   ists,” said keynote speaker Eric   National animation
                                    Horenstein, a lead organizer of   K. Ward, a longtime civil rights   win for PJAer – page 8
                                    the summit, is the Jewish Com-  activist  and  executive  director
                                                               of the  Western  States  Center.
        A Community Call to Confront   munity Relations Director of the   The noon keynote followed 16   Eastside
        Hate keynote speaker  Eric   Jewish Federation of Greater   morning sessions (see page 11).     Commons
        Ward  urged  all  minorities  to   Portland. Horenstein, JFGP Di-
        unite against discrimination.  rector of Intergroup Outreach   See CONFRONT HATE, page 11       hires
        Indoor exhibits are back at OJMCHE!                                                             – page 9

        BY DEBORAH MOON                                                                    New BB Camp staff;
         The year’s first indoor exhibit                                                   OBR's incoming chair
        at the Oregon Jewish Museum
        and  Center  for  Holocaust  Ed-                                                   Rabbi Barnett – page 9
        ucation will be an invitation to
        enjoy the outdoors.                                                                OSU student
         “Lawrence Halprin, Fountains”                                                     government's divisive
        celebrates  Jewish landscape                                                       email – page 10
        architect  Lawrence  Halprin
        and his Portland’s Open Space                                                      Pride Month – page 10
        Sequence,  a  reinvention  of
        public  space  in  the  city’s  first   Guest  curator Kenneth Helphand  stands at  the  entrance to  the
        urban  renewal  district,  which   “Lawrence Halprin, Fountains” exhibit, which opens June 23 at the   The pastoral is
        launched the city’s  traditions   Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education. Be-  the political – page 12
        of world-class public space   hind Kenneth is  a  large wall hanging featuring a  photograph he
        and urban greenspaces. “South   took of an actual waterfall in the Sierra Nevada mountains decades   Rabbi Rose says
        Portland  and   the  Long   ago – before he saw the famed landscape architect’s remarkably
        Shadow of Urban Renewal,”   similar Lovejoy Fountain in the wall hanging at left.   Shalom – page 13
        a companion  exhibit  at the
        Architectural  Heritage  Center,   The fountains exhibit  exam-  visitors outside to see the actual   Outdoor services at
        explores   the   immigrant  ines the evolution of the foun-  fountains, just 1.1 miles away.   CNS, CBI – page 14
        community of Jews,  Italians  tain plazas, which became sites   The  exhibit  itself  is airy  and
        and  others  lost  to  that  urban  of civic inspiration that inspired  inviting  for  visitors  transition-  Jobs Board: Neveh
        development.  OJMCHE  and  a generation of Portland leaders  ing from pandemic closures to
        AHC members have reciprocal  and international landscape ar-  vaccinated reemergence.   Shalom, Foundation
        free admission to these exhibits.  chitects. The exhibit also invites   See FOUNTAINS, page 13  School, PJA – page 14
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